Top Treatments to Include In a Spa Package

In this day and age, the typical Australian is faced with juggling a demanding career, a busy social life and perhaps a gruelling home life too. Thus, everyone can benefit from a spa day occasionally to help them relax and rejuvenate. However, despite the popularity of spa packages as gifts for yourself or a loved one, not many people may know what treatments they should have included in the package. As a rule of thumb, since everybody has different tastes, it is better to opt for treatments that appeal to people across the board, whether they have never been to a spa or if they visit one on a regular basis. The following are a few of the top treatments to include in a spa package.

A body scrub

One of the most sought-after treatments at a spa is the body scrub. A thorough exfoliation right before you go in for your massage treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Moreover, the increase in blood circulation due to the scrub will also give your skin a certain glow. When thinking of a scrub, there are different types of ingredients that you could choose. A few of the more common scrubs that you could select include a sugar scrub, apricot seed scrub, ginger scrubs and more.

A hot stone massage

As the name implies, this massage primarily uses hot stones placed directly on the body. The heat emanating from the rocks coupled with the pressure of the massage therapy works to ease any stiffness in muscles while also helping the release of tension. The principal purpose of this massage to help you relax by making your joints and muscles feel flexible so it may not be the best option for people who prefer a deep pressure massage.

A poultice massage

For people who would like to get invigorated with their spa treatment, a poultice massage would be an ideal treatment to have. This type of massage is distinctly different from other forms of massages as it incorporates a host of natural herbs as well as spices, which aim to soothe and relax your body while leaving you energised after your treatment. A few of the common ingredients included in a poultice massage include lemongrass, turmeric and more. The masseuse will wrap the selected herbs in a piece of fabric to form a compress. The compress is then applied to your body's pressure points during the massage to promote blood circulation and ease tension.