Some Supplies to Remember for Your New Hair Salon

When starting a new hair salon, you want to ensure you have a wide variety of hair care supplies so that you can service a wide variety of clientele, and also have all the items needed to ensure the salon can function properly as a business. Note a few items you should include when shopping for new hairdressing supplies, so nothing is overlooked and so that you're sure to have everything on hand for running a successful hair salon:

Colour bar

A colour bar is a display of the hair colours that are available to your clients. This display can make it easier for clients to choose their new colour, which might also mean that they'll be happier with the colour once it's applied. A colour bar can also impel clients to get their hair coloured if they don't normally have this service done, which can then increase your profits and also increase your regular visitors, as those clients will then want to return to the salon when they need a colour touch-up.


Privacy screens can be a good choice for a salon, as some people will want to remove their shirt rather than putting a cape over it so that the shirt doesn't get wrinkled or wet during extensive hair care treatments. Putting a privacy screen around the shampoo area is also good, as customers may not want others to watch them as they're stretched out over a sink, getting their hair shampooed. These screens can also be put in front of your supply area, or the area where you keep bags of cut hair that is ready for the rubbish. This will keep your salon looking its best, and also make your clients more comfortable with each visit.

Cleaning supplies

When making a list of supplies for your new salon, keep in mind that customers will rarely want to return to a salon that is not spotlessly clean. Add to that list all the cleaning supplies needed to keep mirrors and workstations sparkling clean, as well as lots of brooms and mops so that the floors can be quickly cleaned after each client. You may also want a rubbish bin that sucks up hair from its front, so stylists don't need to use a dirty dustpan to deposit hair remnants in the bin. Be sure you also stock up on disinfectants for the chairs and shampoo stations and cleaning supplies for the restroom. This will ensure your salon always looks its best and is always in good condition for your clients.