Top Treatments to Include In a Spa Package

In this day and age, the typical Australian is faced with juggling a demanding career, a busy social life and perhaps a gruelling home life too. Thus, everyone can benefit from a spa day occasionally to help them relax and rejuvenate. However, despite the popularity of spa packages as gifts for yourself or a loved one, not many people may know what treatments they should have included in the package. As a rule of thumb, since everybody has different tastes, it is better to opt for treatments that appeal to people across the board, whether they have never been to a spa or if they visit one on a regular basis. Read More 

Why Should You Use Jojoba Oil to Treat Your Acne?

Acne can be hell to deal with – it often seems like nothing works, no matter how many expensive treatments and products you invest in on behalf of your skin. However, you might be missing out if you haven't tried jojoba oil. Skin care manufacturers can provide it by itself, though it's often mixed in with moisturisers and other products that aim to reduce acne. Here's why it tends to work so well when you need to clear your skin. Read More 

Some Supplies to Remember for Your New Hair Salon

When starting a new hair salon, you want to ensure you have a wide variety of hair care supplies so that you can service a wide variety of clientele, and also have all the items needed to ensure the salon can function properly as a business. Note a few items you should include when shopping for new hairdressing supplies, so nothing is overlooked and so that you're sure to have everything on hand for running a successful hair salon: Read More 

The Teenage Girl’s Guide to Beauty

Most girls start experimenting with makeup during their high school years. Unfortunately, experimentation often includes plenty of blunders and makeup no-nos along the way. You can avoid some of the most common makeup mishap with this easy guide, and create a quick-and-easy beauty routine that makes your features pop. Beauty Starts with Health Healthy lifestyle habits such as daily exercise, drinking plenty of water, and eating a balanced diet will make you look and feel more beautiful than ever before. Read More